Matin Debat - Colonel Himmler Rebu

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Himnler Rebu is running for the office of President of The Republic of Haiti.

Himmler Rebu is under the polical party 'Grand Rassemblement pour l'Evolution d'Haiti'



Himmler Rebu is a Former Haitian Army Colonel, 'Colonel Des Forces Armees D'Haiti' (FADH)

Himmler Rebu was the head of the Corps des Leopards under the Duvalier Regime, one of the best trained and most hated part of the Haitian army. info

Himmler Rebu was affiliated with the Convergence against President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

"The Convergence... found collaboration from former soldiers, as represented by former putschist colonel Himmler Rebu. Aided by intense media coverage and increasingly desperate living conditions, the Convergence/Rebu alliance was able to pull several thousand people in its train during a November 17 march in Cap Haitien (see Haiti Progres, Vol. 20, No. 36, 11/20/02). info"

More info about Himmler Rebu

"On April 1-2, 1989 the Avril government experienced its second coup attempt.

At the end of March the Army High Command had discharged four high-ranking officers reportedly for drug-trafficking. In addition, in connection with the discharges, a number of other officers were transferred to other military departments.

Once Gen. Avril regained control he attempted to expel Leopard Corps commander Col. Himmler Rebu and also Col. Philippe Biamby, the former commander of the Presidential Guard, who were the alleged instigators of the attempted coup, but a group of some 300 antigovernment demonstrators set up flaming barricades all along the Delmas Road, and soldiers occupied the international airport to prevent Col. Rebu, their popular commander, from being expelled.

Tanks and armored vehicles from the Dessalines Barracks appeared at Delmas and there was an exchange of heavy gunfire.

The Leopards took over the government television and radio stations and made three demands over the independent radio station Haiti-Inter.

They said that they wanted Lt. Col. Himmler Rebu released, a civilian government to replace Avril and the complete restoration of the 1987 Constitution.

Cols. Rebu and Biamby and also Lt. Col. Leonce Qualo of the general garrison, however, were expelled by land to the Dominican Republic on Monday night, April 3, 1989.

From the Dominican Republic they were sent to New York, via Miami, and in New York they were arrested by INS agents and held in detention for several months, allegedly without charges, until they were permitted to leave for Venezuela." Info

"The aptly named Himmler is Himmler Rebu, a former army officer who has been involved in several coup attempts.”

Those, like Rebu, who prepared the putch that led to the removal of the government of Haiti in 2004, carried out a violent provocation at a university on December 5, 2003, which they proceeded to blame on Lavalas. Info


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