• Un bombardier d'eau Be-200


    Moscou envoie en Israël deux avions Be-200 contre les incendies de forêt
    Deux avions bombardiers d'eau russes Beriev Be-200 ont aidé à stopper la propagation des feux de forêt dans la région de la ville israélienne de Haïfa, a annoncé dimanche le ministère russe des Situations d'urgence (MSU) dans un communiqué.
    « Lors de ces dernières 24 heures, les Be-200 ont éteint les incendies dans les environs de Haïfa et de Jérusalem. Grâce à la coopération entre les pilotes russes et les services israéliens d'intervention contre les incendies, on a réussi à sauver la ville de Haïfa, menacée par le feu », indique le communiqué.


    Selon le MSU, les avions russes ont fait 14 survols, ayant déversé au total près de 170 tonnes d'eau.

    Dimanche, les services de secours israéliens ont annoncé que les incendies qui avaient ravagé ces derniers jours Israël et la Cisjordanie et poussé des milliers de personnes à quitter leurs maisons ont tous été éteints.

    « Plus aucun site n'est actif (…) Depuis samedi soir, c'est assez calme, nous n'avons plus de nouveaux appels », a indiqué le porte-parole des services d'intervention contre les incendies Yoram Levy.


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  • Haiti - Carnival National 2018 : Review D1, 97 wounded, 11 arrests !

    13/02/2018 06:56:04

    Haiti - Carnival National 2018 : Review D1, 97 wounded, 11 arrests !

    Monday, Commissioner Frantz Lerebours, spokesman of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) presented the report of the first day of the National Carnival 2018, which he described as globally successful underlining that no loss of life has been reported.

    According to Commissioner Lerebours, 97 wounded were reported: 55 cases of minor injuries (31 women and 14 men), 30 cases of moderate injuries (5 women and 25 men), 6 cases of severe injuries (2 women and 4 men) and 6 unclassified case (3 women and 3 men).

    Among the causes of injury, Commissioner Lerebours mentioned a stab wound, two traffic accidents, and 37 people who displayed violent behavior, suffered from headshot sticks received by police officers "Overall, the measures and instructions given to police officers are respected. Except cases of stick use. We continue to urge the police to be professional," saying "You can always use a stick, but you can not hit people in the head."

    In addition to the injured, he mentioned that 62 people (36 women and 26 men) received care for breathing difficulties or other discomfort due in particular to excessive alcohol consumption.

    In addition, the PNH has made 11 arrests for various offenses including theft, use of counterfeit notes, assault, drug use and 2 false police officers. A firearm was seized on the cou

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  • Haiti - Diaspora : Money transfers accounted for 33.6% of Haiti's GDP

    Haiti - Diaspora : Money transfers accounted for 33.6% of Haiti's GDP
    13/02/2018 10:12:48

    Haiti - Diaspora : Money transfers accounted for 33.6% of Haiti's GDP
    According to a study by the Inter-American Dialogue Center on the transfer of funds to 16 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Haiti would have received transfers estimated at nearly US $ 2.2 billion, or 33.6% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), ranking first in countries where transfers exceed 10% of GDP; in the Top 5: Haiti, Honduras, El Salvador, Jamaica and Guatemala.

    The amount of transfers to Haiti (33% of GDP) exceeds contributions to the economy of the agricultural sector (21.9%) or industry (20.8%). ± 1.3 billion of the transfers came from about 670,000 Haitians resident in the United States, the rest came from other countries where the Haitian diaspora is important, Canada (± 260 million dollars), Chile (± 87 million) , Dominican Republic (± 270 million), France (± 190 million) and the rest of the world ± 88 million.

    It should be noted that the flow of these remittances could be slightly downgraded in the future as a result of the Trump Administration's decision to terminate the Temporary Protection Status (TPS). http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-22759-haiti-flash-tps-more-than-50-000-haitians-will-have-to-leave-the-usa.htmla decision that threatens to expel from the US nearly 58,000 of our compatriots.

    TOP 5 as % of GDP 2017 :

    Haiti :
    In 2017, the transfer of funds received by Haiti amounted to $ 2.2 billion, or 33.6% of its GDP

    Honduras :
    In 2017, remittances received by Honduras amounted to $ 4.3 billion, or 19.5% of its GDP.

    El Salvador :
    In 2017, remittances received by El Salvador amounted to $ 5.01 billion, or 18.3% of its GDP.

    Jamaica :
    In 2017, remittances received by Jamaica amounted to $ 2.3 billion or 16.7% of its GDP.

    Guatemala :
    In 2017, remittances sent to Guatemala amounted to about $ 8.192 billion, or 14% of GDP.

    Note that the Dominican Republic received in transfer of funds 5.9 billion dollars evening 7.8% of its GDP.
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  • Haiti - Economy : Dominican Exports in Haiti up nearly 7%

    Haiti - Economy : Dominican Exports in Haiti up nearly 7%
    16/02/2018 07:38:52

    Haiti - Economy : Dominican Exports in Haiti up nearly 7%

    Alvaro Sousa, President of the Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo) explained that despite several obstacles like surprise closures and of short durations of some border bi-national markets and the application of export restraint measures by the road of a certain number of Dominican products, that Haiti decided from time to time, exports to Haiti had increased by almost 7%, reaching more than $800 million in the formal market reversing a situation of decline since the peak of 2014. A rise that keeps Haiti in the Group of 5 best export partners of the Dominican Republic.

    He recalled that the peak of exports of 1.4 billion dollars in 2014 was due mainly to the demand for reconstruction, following the earthquake of 2010 and then went down to 800 million.

    Sousa explained that in the formal export, Haiti requires a series of documents that must be completed but in the binational market, with transactions below $ 3,000, the treatment is different highlighting "The Chancery with Foreign Affairs of Haiti is in permanent talks because we want a regulatory framework, to know what we are exposed to and that the rules do not change overnight for no reason."

    Referring to land restrictions that reduce competitiveness, such as steel, which because of higher transport costs, is no longer as competitive and calls for efficient transit between the two countries, recalling "[...] no country in the world can like the Dominican Republic, to do that in 6 to 8 hours the ordered product can be delivered to the recipient."

    The President of Adoexpo recognizes the absolute right of Haiti to levy customs taxes and said that Dominican exports are transparent, even if sometimes Haiti call them smuggling, stating "What we are looking for is a framework in which Haiti will be able to collect its taxes and we will be able to export efficiently."

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